Hello World! Look Ahead!


is my first blog post and I haven’t felt this nervous since way back when I first stepped on the stage to sing Down by Jay Sean in front of the whole school teachers, other upperclassmen, and my classmates.

Talk about stage fright! Terrifying.

Believe me, I think everyone has encountered one or two or more stage fright in their lives. It can be at school, or workplace, or at a family party, or at the cashier, or at a gathering, or at a bus stop, in the lift, on the escalator, or etc.


stop stop there, I know what you’re thinking. Stage fright only relates to being on stage. Wrong. It isn’t only just that. Even in our daily lives, wherever we go, whatever marble floor, or whatever floor we’re standing, we are still standing on a stage, and we are acting. We are acting in front of the world, in front of people, as in communicating with each other.

Sure there aren’t cameras, or an audience to watch you perform, but there is someone there watching you –  watching all of us, and that is God and the aliens from outer space. He and Them are your audience and you’re performing to every single being that is breathing.

Even your animals, you are. 


But how to deal with stage fright?

I really wish I can turn back time into that moment and fix my stage presence, because oh boy, then I wouldn’t have made a fool of myself. Crumbling down with shaking knees, heart beating rapidly and shortage of breath, oh gosh, I was literally shaking like a leaf. It was a terrible experience, but at least I had an experience.

Here are 5 tips to deal with stage fright:

  1. Close your eyes and then inhale and exhale and then count to 10, silently. (soothes the heartbeat rate and also strengthens the diaphragm)
  2. Pull each of your fingers and everyone of them has to be grabbed / gently pulled for 1 minute. (Recommended by my mother. It helps calm the mind)
  3. Keep moving. Don’t sit or stand. Walk, wiggle your legs and fingers, jump up and down, do warm – up exercises while moving around.  
  4. Scream or yell – but don’t injure yourself!
  5. Encourage yourself by talking to yourself. Eg.  I am a miracle worker. I can do it ! I’m going to pulverize them!



Dream a million dreams and make them come true!


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 Till next time. Wide-Eyed Wanderer is signing out.


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