Story of my life :

I am very outdated.

So outdated that I cannot even work with Instagram Stories and Snapchat. That outdated I know it is bad to know that I am so backward in the 20th century while these years are progressing faster than I am.

Guys I don’t want you to feel sorry for me or pity. Just don’t.

I’m just want to ask (please comment below,¬†if you want or you can just ignore)

  1. How to use Instagram  Stories properly? (with designs and all)
  2. How to Snapchat?
  3. What is so great about Snapchat when it only last for 24 hours?
  4. How to boomerang…what is the point of that too??

Thank you.

And I’m pretty sure I am going to be ignored here as well, because I asked on Facebook and none of my friends replied. Yeah, sure what are friends for?


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