Situation :

You reached your workplace just in time. You saw quite a few people waiting at the lift. Once it is opened, you managed to catch a glimpse of two people inside the lift. All looking down on their cell phones. Glancing at your wrist watch, your heart started to panic as you see the time, immediately you knew you’re going to be late!

In the meantime, the lift was about to close! You tried to make eye contact with the person inside the lift to hold the doors for you, but he was too engrossed with his phone. Without hesitation, you had to squeeze into the lift, letting those doors crushed you a little, and then maybe you would reach your office on time!


That is me, every single day! Not the point that I am always late. Correction : I am always early. Always. (Maybe!) Okay okay back to what I was hoping you get what I was pointing out when I gave this situation. I hope. It was the same inciting accident that had happened to me that made me want to write about my thoughts about it.

I’m pointing to the fact that people are mainly focused on their phones rather than reality. YES THAT!

Stop looking at the virtuality for once especially during the mornings, and let your eyes be in the reality zone. You’re going to make yourself even more tired and sleepy.  And you’re going to affect other people as well as your own. Well, one is, while you’re getting lazier and lazier by looking at your gadget, other people who walk in to the lift will have bigger problems: they have to turn on their alertness first thing in the morning (and heck yeah they are too tired to switch it on!), and they have to put a defence shield so they wouldn’t hurt themselves as they walk into the lift. (ARGH, I AM TOO TIRED TO DEFEND MYSELF)


The way I see it, it is like you’re telling me that you’re the most selfish human being on Earth and it also tells me you’re very lazy. How can you be lazy if the simplest task is to press the OPEN button. Just the OPEN button. I’m not asking you to lay on the floor of the lift, formed a bridge and let people walk on you. I’M ASKING to use that beautiful creation that God has made; the brain to press OPEN for people.

Simple task. Easy as 1, 2, 3, and A, B, C.

IF you still do this, then there is something wrong with you, go and seek help!

Don’t be inconsiderate BUT be considerate, and people will like you.



Comment down below if something such as this happened to you?

Dream a million dreams and make them come true!


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 Till next time. Wide-Eyed Wanderer is signing out.


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